>> Backlit banner

This material's applications include billboards, indoor and outdoor signage. Especially, it's widely used for wide-format digital printing.
Applied Printers:
1. Good coated surface has strong ink absorbence, and of perfect color performance.
2. Good climate resistance stays the fading caused by the ultraviolet, so the outdoor use life is very long.
3. The flex banner is self-extinguishing, and it is chrome free.
4. Good mechanical characteristics and smooth surface make it possible to process on the vinyl in various method.
5. Good light transmission and whiteness help to keep your light box a certain brightness.
6. Transcendent strain resistance and impact strength keep the vinyl the original shape under any circumstances.
Product Weight (g/sqm) Based Fabric Thickness (mm) Durability for outdoor
GB23320-18*12 320 200D*300D 18*12 0.29 1 - 5 Years
GB55440-18*12 440 500D*500D 18*12 0.40 1 - 5 Years
GB51580-18*12 580 500D*1000D 18*12 0.52 1 - 5 Years