>> Coated Fabric

Also called spray coating textiles and textile cloth cloth or BuFu flag, can be used for spraying and screen printing
Suitable ink: carbonylation of ink, weak carbonylation of ink
Characteristics: the waterproof, anti-aging, uv etc. Function. Colourful lifelike, ink absorbency is strong, easy to dry, smooth, soft, no edge, elegant
Applications: building body large cloth curtain, adornment spray, outdoor posters, YiLaBao hang a picture to show etc.
Suitable model: the angel, Noel witter, color, and fly figure, limit, cyber (carbonylation type of mechanical). Ink Seiko, Roland, Mimaki - jv3, WuTeng (applicable to weak carbonylation type of mechanical). Ink
Technical parameters: the base 150D: 150D *
The base 74g 5g/weight: square meters
Coating weight: 5g/square meters with 80g
0.17 0.02 mm thickness: mm
Specification: 127cm / 152cm 50m / 100m 182cm/x